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Completed Projects

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21st Century Skills

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Exploring assessment practices associated with transversal competencies across the Asia-Pacific with the view to share lessons learned and build a set of recommendations

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Working with DepEd to  define 21st century skills and identify opportunities for their assessment through the curriculum using online assessments

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Providing recommendations concerning a framework for a career guidance measure that is based on up-to-date theory, current practices in the field, and other vocational factors frameworks

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Career Guidance

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Examining the implementation of the spiral curriculum structure introduced in the Philippines as part of the K to 12 curriculum reform

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Investigating how students’ knowledge of science and mathematics content, as well as their inquiry and problem solving skills, develop

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Determining the extent of alignment between the new curriculum, what is taught in classrooms and what is assessed

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Capacity-building through provision of training in the production of high-quality video lessons and writing self-learning modules


Exploring classroom organization, teacher instructional and assessment strategies, lesson structure, resources used by teachers, and student involvement

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Collecting baseline data on formative assessment practices and strategies, and evaluating the usefulness and validity of a classroom observation tool 

ADM Test Administration

Working with DepEd to develop professional development modules to support teachers to improve their use of formative assessment in the classroom

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Evaluating the effectiveness of modules in changing the formative assessment practices that teachers use

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Formative Assessment

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Inclusive Education

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Exploring the use of formative assessment for students with additional learning needs, drawing on a suite of online teacher observation instruments and resources called SWANs

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Evaluating how international large-scale assessments like PISA and TIMMS might be useful be in the Philippines

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Providing support to the Philippines Bureau of Educational Assessment in the early years of Philippines’ participation in the SEA-PLM, PISA, and TIMSS 

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Large-Scale Assessment

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Mother Tongue Education

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Investigating the challenges faced by schools in implementing MTB-MLE, as well as the strategies that they employ

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Examining the progress and challenges related to improving teaching and learning in reading and maths with focus on MTB-MLE implementation

ACTRC Semantic Fluency Test

Exploring the level of match between learner/s mother tongue/s and several factors such as the language of teachers and instructional materials


Evaluating the level of achievement of different DepEd programs like ELLN and RPMS trainings under the World Bank’s loan assistance project

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Investigating the effectiveness of ADM in terms of student achievement, curriculum, and use of non-traditional teachers

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Program Evaluation

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Student Achievement

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 Developing a set of tools to monitor and evaluate the Education Pathways to Peace in Conflict-Affected Areas of Mindanao (PATHWAYS) initiative

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 Identifying how students under the ADM progress through the curriculum, and the extent to which this progression may be similar to DepEd learners

LearnBEST TA Training

Evaluating the progress of students in the BEST regions in the areas of language, mathematics, and science

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