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The three themes of ACTRC are assessment, curriculum, and technology.

Research activities must fall within one or more of these strands, and are stimulated by state-of-the art thinking in each, combined with identified needs and priorities of the Philippines education system. Statements on ACTRC directions across these themes are contained in the Executive Summaries of three Position Papers presented at the Centre Opening in May 2013. These Papers identify the conceptual platform for the projects undertaken by the Centre.

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Our Recent Projects

ACTRC is currently conducting the following projects:

2022 Curriculum Stakeholders Forum

Curriculum Review​

ACTRC is conducting a review of the Philippine K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. The review is addressing alignment both within and across the curriculum.

Feasibility Study on Micro-Certification for the Alternative Learning System (ALS), Philippines​

The Assessment Research Centre (ARC), in partnership with the Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC) in the Philippines have been contracted by UNICEF to explore the feasibility of using micro-credentials for the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

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We at ACTRC believe that assessment is for teaching.

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