Review of Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education for the World Bank Learning, Equity and Accountability Program Support Project

The Learning, Equity and Accountability Program Support, or LEAPS project aims to improve the quality of reading and maths skills of children in grades 1 to 3 in a number of target regions and schools within the Philippines. The World Bank supports reforms of the Philippines Department of Education through a loan, known as the LEAPS project, to implement a number of training programs, provide access to educational services, provide incentives and increasing accountability for the results achieved by school personnel as well as provide other educational resources designed to raise educational achievement. The program is particularly targeted to disadvantaged regions and groups in the Philippines.

This review project involved examining the progress and challenges related to improving teaching and learning in Grades 1 to 3 in reading and maths with specific focus on the implementation of Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE).

This short term project commenced in July 2016 and concluded in August 2016.

Project team

Dr Romylyn Metila, University of the Philippines

Lea Pradilla, University of the Philippines

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