The Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) is a five year Australian Government initiative, which provides targeted support across six key regions in the Philippines to improve education outcomes, services and access by marginalised groups. The purpose of the LearnBEST project is to evaluate the progress of students in the BEST regions, where ACTRC is evaluating student outcomes in language, mathematics and science. The project includes the use of assessment tools developed by ACTRC, covering Grades 3, 5, 7 and 10 in the selected subject domains. This project commenced in April 2017 and is planned to run for three years, in order to identify student achievement trends over time.

Project Team

Professor Esther Care, Project Lead, University of Melbourne

Lea Pradilla, University of the Philippines

Masa Pavlovic, University of Melbourne

Dr Rebekah Luo, University of Melbourne

Dr Claire Scoular, University of Melbourne