Development of Assessment Tools for Elementary Students in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

This project involved the development of tools to be used to monitor and evaluate the Education Pathways to Peace in Conflict-Affected Areas of Mindanao (PATHWAYS) initiative. The Australian Government is undertaking the nine year initiative focused on improving education access and outcomes in Mindanao. Over several years ACTRC has prepared assessment tools in Mother Tongues, some of which will be used to evaluate student outcomes in the PATHWAYS project. Language and mathematics assessment instruments were translated and harmonized into additional languages and piloted in a range of educational contexts in Basilan and Maguindanao. The project also involved working with partners in Mindanao to pilot test administration methods which may be used in the evaluation study.

Project Team

Professor Esther Care, Project Lead, University of Melbourne

Melissa Digo, University of the Philippines

Masa Pavlovic, University of Melbourne

Louie Cagasan, University of the Philippines

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