Career Guidance in the Philippines

The objective of this study was to provide recommendations concerning a framework for a career guidance measure that is based on up-to-date theory and practices in the field. A career guidance measure is of particular relevance to the Philippines Basic Education Sector reforms, which include a Career Guidance Program and focus on preparing students for future education opportunities and the world of work. ACTRC worked with the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) for this study. This project considered relevant factors which provide evidence-based information relevant to the career guidance of adolescents and reviewed current practices in the field and vocational factors frameworks. A report with recommendations to frame future development of career guidance approaches for the Philippines has been published and is available for download below. This project commenced in February 2016 and concluded in July 2016.

Project team

Dr Esther Care, Lead, University of Melbourne

Claire Scoular, University of Melbourne


Care, E. & Scoular, C. (2016). Careers Guidance Directions. Report to the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST). Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC). Melbourne and Manila.

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