Assessment of Transversal Competencies in the Asia-Pacific – Philippines

On behalf of the Philippines Department of Education, ACTRC took part in the Assessment of Transversal Competencies in the Asia-Pacific study which was convened by UNESCO Bangkok’s Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific (NEQMAP). The study focused on assessment practices associated with transversal competencies (otherwise known as 21st century skills) across nine participating countries of the Asia-Pacific with the view to share lessons learned and build a set of recommendations to inform future directions in the region.

ACTRC was involved in reviewing policy and implementation documentation around transversal competencies in the Philippine education system as well as carrying out a series of interviews and observations at system, school and teacher level and providing country level reporting.

This study extends the work in the Centre on 21st century skills. Dr Therese Bustos led the Transversal Competencies team as the Philippines Country Researcher. Dr Esther Care was the UNESCO International Expert for the study, and led the member countries in the research, ensuring common methods, tools and reporting, and bearing responsibility for the final synthesised report. The study commenced in October 2015 and concluded in late 2016. UNESCO has published the synthesised regional report, which is available for download via the UNESCO’s website.

Project Team

\"Dr Dr Therese Bustos, Country Researcher for the Philippines on behalf of the Philippines Department of Education, presenting at the Orientation Meeting for the study.

Dr Esther Care, UNESCO Facilitator, University of Melbourne

Dr Therese Bustos, Philippines Country Researcher, University of the Philippines

Dr Rebekah Luo, University of Melbourne

Joesal Marabe, University of the Philippines

Claire Scoular, University of Melbourne


Care. E & Luo, R. (2016). Assessment of Transversal Competencies: Policy and Practice in the Asia Pacific Region. Published by the United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Paris. ISBN: 978-92-9223-562-8

Available for download via:

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