Formative Assessment Phase 4

Evaluation of Formative Assessment Professional Learning Modules for Philippine Teachers

The Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) adopted a policy in 2015 which expects teachers to implement formative assessment practices in their classrooms. To support teachers to improve their use of formative assessment in the classroom, ACTRC worked with DepEd during 2017 to develop and pilot professional development modules. Professional development modules in formative assessment were rolled out to schools by DepEd for the first time during the 2018/2019 school year as part of a strategy to improve formative assessment practices among teachers. The modules are to be undertaken during teachers’ regular Learning Action Cell meetings. There are five modules comprising video materials, readings and activities to be facilitated by a master teacher. This study evaluated the effectiveness of these modules in changing the formative assessment practices that teachers use and made recommendations for changes that could be made to improve the modules in the future. The findings will be of direct importance to the continuing efforts to improve classroom practices within the Philippines. They will also be of interest to other countries with similar cultures and logistical issues influencing on classroom teaching.

The study commenced in April 2018 and concluded in August 2019.

Project team

Pam Robertson, ACTRC, University of Melbourne

Lalaine Bagui, ACTRC, University of the Philippines

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