Support for Philippine Basic Education through the COVID-19 pandemic

ACTRC has assisted the Australian Embassy in the Philippines in its mission to support the Philippines COVID-19 education system response through the provision of advice and support in the areas of curriculum and assessment. The advice and support centered around efforts to assist the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) to improve the quality of remote learning resources. This involved direct capacity building with DepEd, collaboration with non-government organisations also supporting DepEd, advice to Embassy staff and providing representation at the Philippine Forum for Quality Basic Education and two of its five technical working groups.

The capacity building centered around the provision of training in the production of high-quality video lessons, which are to be broadcast on Philippine television, and the provision of training for writers of self-learning modules, which are the written lessons distributed to learners to be completed at home. The project required the input of a number of subject matter experts, both from the University of Melbourne and the University of the Philippines. Video production training and the first of three rounds of self-learning module training have been completed. A guide on how to enhance formative assessment in self-learning modules prepared by ACTRC has been published by DepEd. Additional self-learning module training was delivered in May 2021 to improve the quality of formative assessment within the modules.

The project commenced in June 2020 and was completed in May 2021.

Project team 

Professor Field Rickards and Professor Therese Bustos (Project Directors)

Pam Robertson (Project Lead)

Marlene Ferido

Katrina Guanio

Thida Kheang

Joesal Marabe

Jeneva Vergara

Lalaine Bagui

Julie Anne Dela Cruz

Junice Nepomuceno

Other team members

Kathryn Moyle

University of Melbourne, Melbourne Graduate School of Education staff:

Cath Pearn, Troy Potter, Emily Rochette

University of Philippines College of Education staff:

Jon Paul Maligalig, Elenita Que

University of the Philippines Integrated School staff:

Sarah Gonzales, Luz Tan, Ceril Maramag, Robby Fernandez, Marge Aleta, 
Rachel Ramirez, Jang Linsangan, Roselle Velasco, Dennis Danipog


This project was completed for Abt Associates Pty Ltd, and supported by the Australian Government through the Technical Advisory Panel on Australian Education Programs: COVID-19 Disruption in Philippine Basic Education.

ACTRC is supported by the Australian Government and implemented by the University of Melbourne and the University of the Philippines.

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