Curriculum Review

ACTRC is undertaking a review of the Department of Education’s Basic Education Curriculum. Phase 1 served as the foundation of the analysis of the intended curriculum. It reviewed the cognitive demand and clarity of expression of learning competencies within the Curriculum Guides for all learning areas at each grade from K to 10.

The project is continuing on to Phase 2, which investigates the four types of curricula — intended, implemented, tested, and attained. Further review of the intended curriculum will investigate the progress expected of students as they move through the grades to identify gaps or redundancies. The review of the implemented curriculum will tackle the extent to which the intended curriculum is delivered in the classrooms. Assessment of the intended curriculum, such as the National Achievement Test (NAT) and the Elementary Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (ELNA), will be the purpose of the review of the tested curriculum. Finally, the review of the attained curriculum will look at how the intended curriculum is able to prepare the students for higher studies or employment.

This comprehensive review of the curriculum will provide a basis for future curriculum changes. It is being accomplished in collaboration with the Bureau of Curriculum Development, Bureau of Learning Delivery, Bureau of Educational Assessment and the School Effectiveness Division of the Department of Education. Other stakeholders that are involved in related activities include UP Integrated School heads and teachers.

Project team

Dr Marie Therese A.P. Bustos, ACTRC, University of the Philippines

Prof Field Rickards, ACTRC, University of Melbourne

Pam Robertson, ACTRC, University of Melbourne

Julie dela Cruz, ACTRC, University of the Philippines