MTB-MLE Team Member Attends UNESCO Regional Training for MLE

Dr Romylyn Metila, of ACTRC\’s MTB-MLE research team, recently attended the Regional Training Course on Multilingual Education: Policies and Practice, hosted by UNESCO-Bangkok, 20-24 April 2015, in Bangkok, Thailand. Thirty-nine participants from various countries took part in the training, which featured recognized experts in Multilingual Education.

Prof Joseph LoBianco of the University of Melbourne was the main training facilitator. Other facilitators were Prof Fernand de Varennes of the University of Pretoria and Prof Kimmo Kosonen of SIL International and Payap University. Discussions on cost-benefit analysis and the gathering and reporting of information for MLE programs were led by representatives of UNESCO. The training was capped by a trip to Mahidol University, where the group learned more about Thailand\’s national language policy and its efforts on MLE implementation in different areas of the country. Prof LoBianco and Mr Min Bista, UNESCO-Bangkok Chief, reminded the group that one objective of the training is to prepare and help participants in further convincing their own governments of the benefits of implementing MLE. Dr Metila shared much about the Philippines\’ MTB-MLE implementation and also learned much from her fellow participants.

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