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MTB-MLE Research Team Presents Two Papers at ACLL 2015

Members of ACTRC’s MTB-MLE Research team, Dr Romylyn A. Metila and Ms Lea Angela Pradilla, presented two papers at the Fifth Asian Conference on Language Learning (ACLL), hosted by the International Academic Forum (IAFOR), 30 April to 3 May 2015, at the Kobe Art Center in Japan.

Ms Pradilla presented a paper entitled Materials Development by the Community and for the Community: Good Strategies in Philippine MTB-MLE Implementation, and Dr Metila presented a paper entitled Translanguaging: An Emerging Mark of Philippine MTB-MLE Classroom Discourse. Around 300 participants attended the conference, including a large contingent of Filipino presenters. The audience at the ACTRC presentations expressed appreciation for the Philippines\’ effort in launching an MTB-MLE program and inquired about issues related to linguistic diversity and the challenges of program implementation. The team’s recognition and inclusion of distinct language contexts in their research was also commended. The presentations served as an opportunity for the team to present the initial findings for Phase 2 of the MTB-MLE research, Understanding Best Practices in MTB-MLE in the Philippines.

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