the actrc team during a short session about mtb mle and learnarmm with the delegation from nepal scaled

Delegates from the Government of Nepal and USAID Early Grade Reading Program visit ACTRC

A delegation from the Government of Nepal’s Early Grade Reading Program visited the Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre on 29 September 2015. The delegation was composed of a number of delegates from the Nepal Ministry of Education and USAID Nepal. They were particularly interested to hear about the research activities of the Centre in tracking mother tongue based-multilingual education (MTB-MLE) and assessment of learning to measure the impact of educational reforms in the Philippines.

ACTRC Director Therese Bustos presented on different research undertakings and the background of the Centre. Louie Cagasan shared the processes of test development and assessment of student learning completed for the LearnARMM project. Lea Angela Pradilla presented results from the MTB-MLE study, highlighting the challenges and the best practices of teachers in implementing the use of mother tongue in classroom instruction.

The delegation leader, Joint Secretary Khagendra Nepal, expressed the gratitude of the delegates and their appreciation of the different studies of the Centre, which could inform the implementation of their country’s National Early Grade Reading Program.

The ACTRC team during a session about MTB-MLE and LearnARMM with the delegation from Nepal

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