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ACTRC Director presents keynote address at the ICEME 2014

Dr Esther Care, Acting Director of the Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne, and Director of the Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre, University of the Philippines, has presented the opening keynote address at the International Conference on Educational Measurement and Evaluation 2014 in Manila. Dr Care spoke of a global shift from routine occupations, both manual and cognitive, to non-routine occupations that require adaptability and flexibility. She observed that, in this new climate of education and employment, the challenge for assessment specialists is to design and target assessments to measure the skills required by the new workforce and to inform the teaching of these skills. Her presentation included examples of developmental progressions that can be used to identify levels of skill among students, allowing targeted teaching to develop skill acquisition. Slides of her presentation will be available on the ICEME conference website at http://www.pemea.org.ph/ICEME2014.html

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