Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Philippines approach to assessment of 21st century skills

Representatives from the Philippines Department of Education, the National Educational Testing and Research Centre (NETRC), and the Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Centre jointly presented a symposium at the Singapore National Institute of Education, Redesigning Pedagogy conference. The symposium, chaired by Dr Esther Care, focused on how the Philippines is approaching the assessment of 21st century skills within their national

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LearnARMM team contributes to UNICEF early childhood study

Photo of harmonisers work on the Cebuano version of LearnARMM tools

The LearnARMM suite of assessment instruments will be used as part of a UNICEF longitudinal study tracking the learning experience and performance of kindergarten students through to grade 2. ACTRC is currently halfway through the LearnARMM study examining how learning achievement unfolds in different contexts within the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. The LearnARMM team is pleased to contribute to this

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