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LearnARMM : Educator feedback sessions

On 3-4 November, ACTRC researchers met with teachers and education personnel in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao to provide feedback on the testing of 4,265 Kinder and Grade 1 students. The researchers outlined the developmental framework that underpins the Centre’s approach to assessment, explaining how the LearnARMM tests of literacy and numeracy were constructed and how they relate to the curriculum. Reports of results were made available from the research, and their use for differentiated teaching was explained. The reports help teachers to identify the developmental levels at which their students are operating and to see the significance of this kind of assessment for targeted teaching. The researchers discussed how the reports emphasise skills rather than scores, providing information about the skills a student is ready to learn so that the effectiveness of teaching can be maximised.

Ma. Hazelle Preclaro presenting at one of the sessions

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