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Large scale assessment in the context of teacher education in the K to 12 reforms

Dr Esther Care, ACTRC Co-Director, was an invited speaker on large-scale assessment at the 12th National Convention for the United Professionals for the Development and Advancement of Teacher Education Conference (PATEF-UPDATE), held in cooperation with the Philippine Normal University, Philippine National Research Center for Teacher Quality (RCTQ) in Manila on October 22-24. The conference theme was ‘Teacher Education in the K to 12 Reform: Policies, Programs and Standards’. Dr Care, (shown between Dr Marilyn Balagtas, Director of RCTQ, and Dr Nelia Benito, Director of the National Educational Testing and Research Center, Department of Education, Philippines) presented on large-scale assessment in the Philippines within a panel discussion on assessment policies in the K to 12 reform. She discussed opportunities for the Philippines in terms of large-scale assessment with the view of implementing best practice.

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