pupil writing in the mt iloko in the large language context school scaled

Article published in special issue of The Asia Pacific Education Researcher

The ACTRC MTB-MLE team has published an article in a special issue of The Asia Pacific Education Researcher. The article, The Challenge of Implementing Mother Tongue Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts: The Case of the Philippines, is based on findings from Phase 2 of the ongoing multiphase study Understanding Best Practices in MTB-MLE in the PhilippinesThe article presents the various innovations that Philippine educators have introduced to respond to challenges in implementing mother tongue education in linguistically diverse contexts. It shares the results of a nationwide survey involving 50 schools and describes the modifications that educators have made in order to localize a national policy and make it more responsive to linguistic diversity. The modified program models are presented along with the motivations of educators for making the modifications. Strategies for adapting the policy to diverse classroom realities are shared with the aim of helping policy-makers and educators in linguistically complex landscapes.

Pupil writing in a mother tongue (Iloko)

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