Monthly Archives: October 2016

LearnARMM Policy Forum Report Released

A research forum on the LearnARMM project was held at the Australian Embassy in Makati, Manila, on 8 September 2016. The forum was hosted by Embassy staff and attended by educators from Mindanao and Manila, including academics from ARMM and representatives of DepEd ARMM, BRAC, partner NGOs, SEAMEO INNOTECH, USAID and the University of the Philippines. The main point to emerge

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ACTRC Researcher Presents on Formative Assessment at International Conference

On 22 September 2016, ACTRC Research Officer, Louie Cagasan, represented the Formative Assessment Project team in the international conference on Research and Innovation in Classroom Assessment: International Perspectives organised by Learning Sciences Institute Australia, Australian Catholic University. This year’s conference theme, Research and Innovation Education Practices that Support Quality Classroom Assessment, provided an opportunity to make the presentation, entitled A

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